With our data-driven, customer-centric approach, 
we help you to increase innovation performance from 
exploration to execution by integrating customer-centric insights & data

Innovate better, smarter, and faster: 

94% of executives aren't actually satisfied with their innovation performance.* Are you one of them? 


 I believe that marketing automation is an evolution that can strengthen the relationship between a brand and its customers and can have an immense impact on the customer experience. 




Download our 10 Innovation TipsDownload our 10 Innovation Tips

Why change something that works, we often hear? But to be successful as a company, in the long run, innovation is key. Why? Customers’ needs change continuously, as a business you need to stay on top of the needs, expectations, and latest trends, … 

Most companies struggle with how to start innovating. To tackle innovation challenges, you need some ingredients to cook the perfect innovation strategy. 

We are happy to provide you with the 4 ingredients & 10 tips to step up your innovation game: 

Set up your innovation game:  
10 tips to (really) start innovating 

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 Ecosystem as a service 

To tackle innovation challenges, you need some ingredients to cook the perfect innovation strategy.

Let us help you!

4 ingredients to increase innovation performance in the current market landscape

Pull the outside world in to learn rapidly by connecting to a quality network of customers, partners, peers, innovators, and thought leaders. You will gain priceless insights and discover best practices based on cross-industry experiences worldwide. 

Fact-based innovation 

Innovating based on gut feeling is risky. How to de-risk innovation and make faster decisions? We help you by using behavioral data throughout your innovation process, meaning we look at real consumer behavior and interaction with your new product or service concept. By validating in the market, we ensure results and unveil new insights that are valuable for iteration.


📣How we helped a leading Dutch telco & entertainment company

In our client case on Business Design Thinking, we share just how we helped the company concretize a north star vision. Furthermore, we joined forces to develop tactics to move toward this vision.

Read the client case

Why we can make a difference for you? 

We are a full-service strategic partner capable of bringing your Digital Strategy to life successfully thanks to our integrated expert ecosystem.  

We, therefore, build multidisciplinary teams, tailored to your scope. Our secret is to combine the strengths of T-shaped and I-shaped marketers that will drive the project forward.  

Being a marketing consultant, I developed strategic digital plans for clients in various B2C and B2B industriesThe goal is to build an actionable digital roadmap in line with the client’s long term business objectivesThe starting point is auditing the current digital activities, understanding the market and target audiences. We organize workshops to co-create the content & channel mix, we define digital optimizations and next steps, and build an action plan. A great challenge and opportunity to leave a mark at the client!  

Our consultants’ experiences:

Eva Dillen - 
Consulting Manager


  • Using the latest fact-based marketing approaches to truly understand your customers’ needs, behavior 
  • Connecting to a network of customers, partners, peers, innovators, and thought leaders  
  • Integrating innovation into your company culture in an agile way 
  • Setting up a winning G2M strategy for outstanding market performance 

Triple track agile 

Guarantee your market traction 

Many great products and services never make it to the market, even with a perfect plan and senior stakeholder buy-in. We help you set up highly efficient and engaging processes to structurally embed innovation in your organization. We do this through three agile streams: connecting leadership, innovation capabilities, and business needs. 

Great products are worth nothing if customers don't buy or use them. We help you set up a winning go-to-market strategy and deploy an A-team with a growth mindset, supported by our experts. Doing this in a creative, experimental, and measurable way allows you to scale what works well and kill what doesn’t.